Tiny Tom as Jyothi Krishna's lover !

Tiny Tom as Jyothi Krishna's lover
Tiny Tom is back playing the lead role in a new film titled Avicharitha. Jyothi Krishna will be seen as lead actress role in the movie.

Debutant Shanavas is directing the film who also provided
story ,script and screenplay for the film. Regular shoot of the Avicharitha is said to commence from the last week of June. The film deals a few hours in a life of a pregnant women which is being essaying by Jyothi Krishna and Tiny Tom as her lover.

Tiny Tom has signed up Pottas Bomb, Colour Baloon et..al which will sees their release in 2013. Avicharitha also casts a thief and a friend could be new comers. Other details of the film to be revealed shortly.

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